Sep 052015

Betty and I have been in Dubai for 24 days!  Much of 2015 so far was consumed by us sorting through everything, departing from Germany, visiting family and friends in the United States, and finally going to Dubai.  We are slowly whipping our apartment into shape and learning our way through the local bureaucracy, which is substantial.

We have signed up for regular Internet service; right now we’re tethering off our iPhones.  With any luck, regular Internet will show up soon, although a rumor today said not.  We’ve made queries and we will see.  But this is the weekend, so we must wait until tomorrow (Sunday) for answers.  (The workweek here is Sunday through Thursday, holy day on Friday; think of exchanging Friday and Sunday.)

I hope to be able to put more time and effort into this website soon!

In the meantime, many thanks and my love to my dear wife Betty, who loves her new job and her new school, and who is holding up well in a new city and country and part of the world!