Nov 192014

Robert D. Kaplan makes very substantial sense in this piece.  Kaplan is Chief Geopolitical Analyst at Stratfor, an intelligence outfit in Austin, Texas.  I recommend them if you’re interested in global geopolitics.

The Realist’s Creed is:

  • Order comes before freedom.
  • Work with the material at hand.
  • Think tragically in order to avoid tragedy.
  • Every problem does not have a solution.
  • Interests come before values.
  • American power is limited.
  • Passion and good policy often don’t go together.

I recommend this article to everyone, but particularly to those of a Progressive political orientation, whose only morality is compassion.  The article demonstrates how this does not work in the real world.  Idealism has its place but does not survive contact with reality.

The link above leads to a page asking for your email address before granting access to the article.  If you don’t want to give your email address, let me know and we’ll figure out how you can see the article.