Nov 112014

Dear Family and Friends

John Tracy’s Tracings is in much better shape than when I announced it last month.  It includes not only our family history, but also my blog, and will eventually other pages such as favorite links.  Please join me at

The blog will feature a wide variety of subjects of interest to me, and I hope to you also.  Family history will figure prominently.

Please note that the site has two different logins, one for commenting on the blog and another for seeing some of the family history.

You will arrive first at the WordPress blog page.  Register here to comment on my blog posts, but not to see the family history.

Click on the “Family History” tab, and you will arrive at the Welcome page.  Register here (1) If you’re a relative, to see information about living relatives, or (2) If you’re LDS, to see ordinance information.

You can, of course, register for both the blog comments and for seeing the hidden parts of the family history.

The Family History part of the site right now has 1,038 people.  Now that the site as a whole is in pretty good shape, I will be going through these people one family at a time, cleaning up the records, and adding citations, documents, photos, and so on.

Please let me know what you think!  Suggestions and additions welcome!

Thanks and regards