Oct 172014

Dear Family and Friends

My website, including family history and blog, is up.  I am still working on it, but it can be used now even if it’s not always pretty.  Suggestions are welcome.

Over 1,000 of my relatives can be found on the site; click on “Family History”.  To see the living, you need to be my relative and get an account.  To see LDS ordinances, you need to be LDS and get an account.  (To get an account, click “Login”.)  Otherwise, you don’t need an account.  There is a link on the family history page to my pedigree.

My plans are to complete setting up the site and go through all the family history, one family at a time, to clean it up.  (This is long overdue.)  Then I will start expanding the site with favorite links and other such material.  I will blog occasionally and hope to post automatically to Facebook and perhaps elsewhere.

Please join me at http://johntracy.us!

Thanks and regards